Why Does Teeth Bleaching Cause Sensitivity?

Let’s be honest with each other! Yellow teeth is quite unattractive and through daily habits like drinking coffee and eating certain foods, we slowly stain our teeth. Finally we are able to take control of these problems with products that whiten and bleach our teeth, but we are left with one problem… Sensitivity.

Whitening or bleaching your teeth can cause sensitivity, this is because when you are whitening or bleaching your teeth you’re actually penetrating your enamel. Enamel is the outer layer of your teeth and can vary in colour from a greyish white to a light yellow.

Fun fact: Your tooth has several layers. The enamel is the outer layer, the next layer is dentin, and then comes the nerve.

Enamel is important because it takes care of your teeth and protects the inner layer called “Dentin” from acids and plaque. Dentin is closer to the nerves and if it is exposed to extreme contrasts in temperature, pain and sensitivity will strike.

Most bleaching products contain either Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide. Depending on the type of product you have, these levels can vary. Depending on the level of Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide will determine the level of sensitivity. We at uLab Professionals use a Carbamide Peroxide at a level of 18% in our uSmilePro Teeth Whitening Kit. Carbamide Peroxide contains Hydrogen Peroxide usually at a ratio equivalent of 1:3 (This being equivalent of about 6% Hydrogen Peroxide). We've tried and tested all levels with a mix of different ingredients, and we've deemed our current formula to provide the best results with the least sensitivity. The pain and sensitivity caused by whitening or bleaching will vary from different products and from person to person and sensitivity can stick around for a short period of time while your enamel hardens again. During this time we suggest using certain toothpastes such as “Sensodyne” or chewing sugar free gum.


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If you're prone to sensitive teeth it's very important when you're using a bleaching or whitening product to test it for a few minutes first to make sure you won't feel any sensitivity or pain. If it's ok for a few minutes, then on the next night try it for a few minutes longer. So on and so forth, until the point you can withstand it long enough without sensitivity.

In saying that, please follow instructions accordingly when using any teeth whitening products, as to not use more than that is required. 




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