Which Teeth Whitening Kit is Best For You?

-Which ones are are best?

-What factors should I consider when buying a teeth

whitening kit?

For years now, teeth whitening kits have been on the market and have been creating quite of a buzz on the e-commerce scene. Due to internet popularity and celebrity hype, the question is - which one is the best for you?

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There are three things you must consider before jumping into purchasing your very own teeth whitening kit and here's the best way to find out which one is the best for you.


If you see the whole “all natural ingredients” advertised, Beware! It's a bunch of baloney! if you are expecting to whiten your teeth in 10 minutes with “all natural ingredients” you're going to be disappointed. Honestly, the reason why these brands switched to all natural ingredients in the first place is because customers complain about sensitivity to their teeth and gums. Unfortunately, you're taking the bleaching out of it. Finding the right balance of the ingredient “Carbamide Peroxide” (the bleaching agent) is very important. Carbamide Peroxide contains Hydrogen Peroxide which bleaches your teeth and lifts the stains to create that brighter smile you are looking for, but this still may cause that sensitivity - as it varies from person to person. The only way around this is choosing the right percentage of Carbamide Peroxide that is in the gels, anything over 20% will cause sensitivity and anything under 12% will deliver slower results. So finding the right ingredients should be the first thing you look for when choosing the best Teeth Whitening Kit.


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It's very important that you choose a teeth whitening kit brand that is distributing in major cities to guarantee faster dispatch and less travel time. No one wants to wait up to thirty days to receive their online order, so convenience is definitely a factor so purchase products labeled “Fast Delivery” or "Distributed Locally". The way to ensure fast delivery is by purchasing teeth whitening kits selling in your Country or have a reasonable price for international delivery methods, cheap prices normally mean slower delivery. Another factor you must consider is the distance of their distribution centre to major airports, less time on the road means a speedier delivery to you.

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Let’s be honest! Take away celebrity hype and over priced labels, and you're left with a box that contains the tools and ingredients to whiten your teeth. When considering which teeth whitening kit is best for you - it's important to note that expensive brands that advertise fast results doesn't mean it's the best.. You want a brand that is professional, easy to contact, informative and has a great return policy. That's what e-commerce is all about right? convenience… There are many brands out there like HiSmile, Brighter Smile, Pearly Whites and other amazing brands and of course you can check out our very own teeth whitening kit by clicking here.

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So there you have it, do your research and consider these three things before purchasing the right teeth whitening kit for you. 

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