Teeth Bleaching and Whitening Myths

Today we're going to dispel myths about bleaching your teeth or whitening your teeth. A lot of myths are flying around out there so we'd like to set the record straight.
Do all teeth whiten the same?

Unfortunately, all teeth reach differently to bleach, some people get great results from bleach and others do not. Different coloured teeth will react better to bleach. If your teeth are stained yellow that will actually react better to bleach then teeth with a greyish tone to it. 

If I do this one time will my teeth stay white forever?
No definitely not, teeth will accumulate stains frrom things like food and coffee. So once you bleach your teeth you need to maintain that whiteness. You can do it with over the counter products, whitening toothpaste, or even go back to a professional whitening by a dentist.
If I choose to bleach at home how long will that take?
Well let's go through the process. In a dental chair professional bleaching takes anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. Over the counter products like at a pharmacy or a drugstore they do work as well but they don't have as high concentration of hydrogen peroxide in them. So it's going to take a longer period of time to get a good result. But they do work. uSmilePro Teeth Whitening Kits contain dental grade hydrogen peroxide which is FDA approved and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. We recommend using it for 7-9 days.
Do whitening toothpastes bleach the teeth?
There's a difference between "whitening" and "bleaching", although people tend to stick to the term "whitening". The difference is whitening toothpaste is a whitening product. What whitening does in it makes your teeth appear whiter than they are by removing surface stains. Toothpaste contains hydrated silica, which is a minor abrasive. And you use that to get the surface stain off the teeth and that makes the teeth appear whiter than they are. Where bleaching in fact goes deeper into the tooth and lasts longer.
Can that abrasive silica damage the enamel?
No it can't damage the enamel. What can damage the enamel is bad brushing techniques. But there's no damage done with whitening toothpastes or even bleaching products.
Are there any side effects from teeth whitening or teeth bleaching?
There's no side effects, there's a lot of research and a lot of studies being done. There are no negative affects bleaching has long term on your teeth. However some short term effects, sensitivity and minor irritation to the gums. But it only lasts a day or two and it goes away and you're totally fine.
So let's wrap it up.

1. You can get professional level results by doing it at home.

2. It's safe and cost effective; some sensitivity may occur.

3. Make sure to use whitening products that will help to maintain after bleaching.




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