• Teeth Bleaching and Whitening Myths

    Unfortunately, all teeth reach differently to bleach, some people get great results from bleach and others do not. Different coloured teeth will react better to bleach. If your teeth are stained yellow that will actually react better to bleach then teeth with a greyish tone to it.  View Post
  • 4 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

    A smile communicates joy and confidence, but, if your pearly whites aren't so pearly anymore or your teeth are dull and discoloured, chances are you're not using this powerful tool (your smile) as much as you should be. View Post
  • Why Does Teeth Bleaching Cause Sensitivity?

    Whitening or bleaching your teeth can cause sensitivity, this is because when you're bleaching or whitening your teeth you're actually penetrating your enamel. You're creating hollowness which allows the cool air or any type of cold to get deeper into the tooth surface. View Post
  • Which Teeth Whitening Kit is Best For You?

    For years now, teeth whitening kits have been on the market and have been creating quite of a buzz on the e-commerce scene. Due to internet popularity and celebrity hype, the question is - which one is the best for you? View Post

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