• Step 1: ADD Whitening Gel to Mouth Tray. (1/3 of Syringe)
  • Step 2: INSERT Tray to Mouth & Activate LED Light. (30min-60min)
  • Step 3: RINSE Away any Existing Gel and ADMIRE. (Repeat for 7-9 days)

They say the world looks brighter from behind the smile and according to the American Association of Cosmetic Dentists an estimated 10 million Americans will spend $1.7 billion making their smiles brighter by bleaching or whitening their teeth this year.

It’s time to face the music, Dental hygiene is important when facing people in your day to day lives. Whether it’s going to business meetings or meeting up with friends and family.

For years now, teeth whitening kits have been on the market and have been creating quite of a buzz on the e-commerce scene. Due to internet popularity and celebrity hype, the question is - which one is the best for you?